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A Two-Year Anniversary

It’s been a little past two years since we moved Sebastien, my autistic son, to Bali. What a roller-coaster ride it has been with exhilarating highs and heartbreaking lows. During this time period that seems to have just flown by, there have been changes to the carer team looking after Sebastien, where he lives, and the institution of Sebastien’s independent life. Today, my husband, Jerome, and I visit him regularly, and take him out of the country for longer holidays, while regulating his life remotely with our carers’ help. Looking back, I have needed this amount of time to begin plugging the huge gap in my existence, which was once almost exclusively filled by my homeschooling life with S

Our Small Contribution

Last week, A Mother's Wish learnt about an appeal for help from Ageless Bicyclists Ltd that is is raising funds for the Association for Autism Laos. The children and families with special needs and disabilities have been affected by the flood in the Attapeu Province, which has caused significant damage to the schools in the area. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this situation, A Mother's Wish has just contributed half of the profits it has currently generated to date from its e-commerce Website ( to this cause: $241.23. If you would also like to do your part for the special needs families in Laos, please send your contribution to: Name: Ageless Bicyclists Ltd. Ba

Please Make A Mother's Wish Come True!

Back in 2014, when I first started A Mother's Wish, I was worried for the uncertain future of Sebastien, my moderately autistic son, who would be turning 18. Despite his talents and capabilities, he struggled with self-injurious and aggressive behaviors during puberty, which turned our life in Singapore upside down for six years. Traumatized by the unpredictable onslaughts of Sebastien's behavior, I felt terribly alone. Even though I was offered programs for him in Singapore, I did not feel that they would alleviate his deep-seated unhappiness that was triggering his meltdowns. The decision to move Sebastien overseas and wean him away from me was painful and heartbreaking. But I was taking a

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