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Personally Speaking: The Art of Caregiving

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to check out the "Personally Speaking: The Art of Caregiving" exhibition, organised by Objectifs and sponsored by the Lien Foundation. This exhibition acknowledges the oft-forgotten people of our society — the elderly, those with mental illnesses and special needs, AND their carers. As one of the participants in the project as a mother of Sebastien, my autistic son, I could not have imagined how the challenges and richness of our collective caregiving experience could be so powerfully harnessed and transformed by these diverse media. I would especially like to acknowledge Deanna Ng, the photographer who took our photographs, and Carolyn who helped many o

Open Your Heart, Open Your Mind Workshop

It was a pleasure and privilege to conduct an interactive workshop with parents of special needs kids and teens at the Gurkha Contingent on October 7th. Even though they were part of a tightly-knit community and were more at ease with Nepali, these parents embraced me in their midst with their friendliness, warmth, and hospitality. Throughout this intensive 3-hour period, these parents shared their grief about their unrealised expectations of having a "normal" child and their endeavours to get the necessary help for them to help their children improve. They also learnt strategies on how they could achieve greater balance in their lives such as delegating tasks to their spouse and children, a

Introducing "Personally Speaking: The Art of Caregiving" — A Visual Exhibition

As the mother of Sebastien, my autistic son, and part of A Mother's Wish endeavour to promote the awareness of the caregiving challenges faced by families with special needs loved ones, I am proud to be one of the many contributors to the following exhibition. With Carolyn, who guided and assisted me in creating my exhibit Please check out the details below:- Exploring stories of caregiving for people with special needs, mental illness, and the elderly Featuring works by Alecia Neo, ampulets, Deanna Ng, Gwee Li Sui, Joseph Chiang, Kray Chen, Mary Bernadette Lee and Sun Koh 8 Oct to 14 Oct / Community Plaza, Oasis Terraces (10 am to 9 pm, Mon–Sun) 15 Oct to 18 Nov / Jurong Regional Library,

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