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A Mother's Wish Gives to Sari Hati School

In July 2018, at the launch of our e-commerce Website, we set a fundraising target of SGD5,000 for effective programmes helping youths and adults with challenging intellectual disabilities requiring lifelong support and their families. Through the sales of Sebastien's paintings, shawls, scarves, my books, and my contribution of my workshop fees, we have raised SGD2,333.10 to date. Instead of keeping this money until we reach the target, we have decided to disburse this sum of money for two causes: 1) Sari Hati School, 2) Sponsorship of a 3-hour talk by Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, creator of A.T.D.R.A. (Trans. in English, Dynamic Relational Therapy Approach, created in Water) for parents and educato

A Thank You Note from AMW's First Popup Store and Introducing New Products

It was truly a special experience for A Mother's Wish to have a gallery space to display Sebastien's paintings that rarely get to see the light of day. I would like to thank Ryan and the Objectifs team for coming up with this idea and graciously offering the space with no strings attached. This enabled me to take photos of the exhibition and send them over to my carers and Sebastien in Bali to share Sebastien's moment in the spotlight with them. They were amazed at this celebration of Sebastien's talent. It was also my way of thanking them for their incredible work of looking after Sebastien and the life that we enjoy. Next, I would also like to extend my thanks to my friends, Cheowps and Ca

A Mother's Wish Pop-Up Store (One-Night Only)

On 22 Nov, from 7–10 pm, A Mother's Wish will be having a POP-UP STORE (Chapel Gallery@ Objectifs, 155 Middle Road, Singapore188977) at Objectif's launch of the exhibition, Personally Speaking: The Art of Caregiving. This amazing exhibition features eight visual artists' creative exploration of the experiences of caregivers of those with special needs, mental illness and the elderly. After checking out the exhibition, please swing over to A Mother's Wish POP-UP STORE. You will get a rare opportunity to see Sebastien's original water colour paintings up close and personal. They range in price from $130 to $510. Our newly-released illustrated note cards featuring Sebastien's paintings and mess

A Free Sharing Session of Strategies and Techniques with Parents of High-Anxiety Autistic Youths and

More than two years ago, Jerome, my partner, and I made the heartbreaking decision to move Sebastien, my autistic son to Bali, after struggling for 5–6 years with his aggression and self-injury, which had turned our waking life into a perpetual crisis. Little would we know that this move would lead to a fortuitous encounter with Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, an Italy-based psychologist, who was holidaying in Bali. His tutelage and guidance shed light into the causes of the growing intensity of Sebastien's meltdowns over time, which had mystified me for years, and introduced me to new insights as to how to better interact with Sebastien and regulate his emotions. Nonetheless, as our family was also go

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