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Happy Holidays from A Mother's Wish

Jerome and I just spent three special days with Sebastien, my 22-year-old autistic son, in the mesmerising island of Nusa Penida. Apart from the breathtaking scenery and memorable hiking experiences not for the faint-hearted, we immersed in the peace and tranquility of a beautiful villa nestled in a working farm with a panoramic view of the surrounding forests and mountains. Most of all, I was deeply moved by our interactions with Komang, the villa cook who whipped up delightful home-cooked meals for us. Despite our language barriers, I understood everything she said with her teary eyes, her softened voice, and her gesture to her heart, when she told us how our love for Sebastien touched her

Where Does My Autistic Son Belong (WDMASB)? A Crowdfunding Publishing Project

INTRODUCING A CROWDFUNDING PROJECT WITH A PURPOSE: All funds raised will go towards A Mother's Wish's causes (90%) and Sebastien Choo, my autistic son, for his uncertain future (10%). WHERE DOES MY AUTISTIC SON BELONG? (SGD30) by Choo Kah Ying Slated for Self-Publication: mid-May 2019 Where Does My Autistic Son Belong is an evocative account of Ms. Choo Kah Ying’s extraordinary journey to find an answer for her family’s future when the transformation of Sebastien, her autistic son, into an aggressive and self-injurious teenager made their life in the urban environment of Singapore untenable. This outcome was not what she had envisioned when she dedicated her life to homeschooling Sebastien s

Feb 16: The Mission Begins to Save Autistic Lives

More than two years ago, we moved Sebastien, my autistic son, to Bali, after struggling for 5–6 years with his aggression and self-injury. As a homeschooling mother who was committed to understanding her son, I was confused and devastated at Sebastien's transformation after his puberty. Amazingly, our heartbreaking decision would lead to a fortuitous encounter between Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, an Italy-based clinical psychologist, who met Sebastien at Sari Hati School during his holiday in Bali. These photos chronicle their first encounter that took place just days after I left a distraught Sebastien for the very first time since he was born. As a mother who was distressed about her inability to

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