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Happy birthday to Sebastien, my autistic son, from afar

Sebastien, my autistic son, will turn 24 on June 24th. Recently, a friend told me that this is called a "Rainbow Birthday". I had never heard of this term before. At 48, I have missed mine a long time ago. But I am glad that Seb will get to celebrate his. It is all the more appropriate since he is an artist who communicates with a rainbow of colors. Earlier this year, I had prided myself on finally severing my psychological 'umbilical cord' with Sebastien. Reminding myself that he will be 24, no longer a child, whenever I would miss him, had proven to be an effective mantra. Thus, instead of lamenting about not being able to visit Sebastien throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I had focused on

My Autistic Son's First 'Overnight' Trip with his Carers

Today is an emotional day for me. My carers took the initiative of taking Sebastien, my autistic son, on their first-ever overnight trip with two nature-loving friends whom Sebastien was meeting for the first time. One of the "must-do's" in Bali — the Mt. Batur Trek to catch the sunrise — had seemed impossible. The 4am starting time had made it a daunting prospect ever since Sebastien transformed into an adolescent and young adult who was prone to meltdowns. The last and only other time he had had to wake up so early was 10 years ago, as Facebook coincidentally reminded us today, when Jerome and I took him to Mt. Bromo, also in Indonesia. Back then, the 14-year-old Sebastien had become an ad

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