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1 Dec 2019

Back in June, I had written about my experience of the Art Brut exhibition in Bangkok featuring artworks by disadvantaged individuals, prisoners, and those with mental illnesses. Their raw, spontaneous and stunning creativity reminded me of the creative works of Sebast...

27 Nov 2019

Recently, when a mum struggling with her autistic son sought my advice about an overseas option because of my experience of moving Sebastien, my now 23-year-old autistic son, to Bali, I found myself taking stock of the reality that it had been more than three years sin...

9 Nov 2019

We had the pleasure of welcoming mothers with their autistic teens/youths at the baking workshop hosted and run by Crunchy Teeth — a social enterprise that trains autistic youths in the craft of baking.

Our mission of the day was to offer families with autistic loved on...

26 Oct 2019

It has been six months since I finally wrapped up Where Does My Autistic Son Belong? that I had lived for possibly the most heartbreaking seven years of my life. An online version is now available on Amazon Kindle at With a weight of 650g,...

14 Oct 2019

This image, taken by Sapna Kewalramani, who made these beautiful cards with Sebastien's paintings and my inscriptions about autism, encapsulates the dedicated love of parents for our autistic loved ones and our wish that our children can find happiness in our world. Th...

15 Aug 2019

An invitation to attend the First Meetup of the All New "A Mother's Wish Community" for Parents/Next of Kin (NOK) Raising Autistic Individuals

Let's Empower Families for Families! 

Day: Saturday, October 12th 

Time: 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Venue: 27 Jalan Jintan, #10-31


4 Aug 2019

Whenever people learn that Sebastien, my autistic son, paints and lives in Bali, they think of him as one of these artists who take pride in creating vivid and realistic depictions of their surroundings. 

But this is not at all what he does in his paintin...

27 Jul 2019

Acknowledgments of Everyone Involved

  • Anonymous Family Foundation (Sponsor): Without your support (both financial and non-financial), this month-long project would not have been possible. 

  • Dr. Antonio Rinaldi: Thank you for putting in the time and effort to shar...