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by Choo Kah Ying (18 pages, no additional preparation needed)


Awakening Minds’ Words, Pictures, Story! (WPS!) Story Template featuring the story, "Dog Saved the Day!", contains fun and interactive types of scaffolding including “hangman” missing letter prompts, images that can be colo(u)red, clue/instructional words, and step-by-step guidance to help learners to complete the story and the related learning tasks.


The story template, Dog Saved the Day!, is about a dog who helps his owner to locate a lost boy at the beach. It is designed to transform the writing process into a fun, creative, and guided learning experience.


Targeted Learner

This approach is a wonderful and relaxing way for caregivers and educators to initiate young learners (age 6 and above) and older learners with moderate learning difficulties into the world of writing and literacy.



"(DOG'S NAME) SAVED THE DAY! Story Template

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