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A Mother's Wish Gives to Sari Hati School

In July 2018, at the launch of our e-commerce Website, we set a fundraising target of SGD5,000 for effective programmes helping youths and adults with challenging intellectual disabilities requiring lifelong support and their families.

Through the sales of Sebastien's paintings, shawls, scarves, my books, and my contribution of my workshop fees, we have raised SGD2,333.10 to date. Instead of keeping this money until we reach the target, we have decided to disburse this sum of money for two causes:

1) Sari Hati School, 2) Sponsorship of a 3-hour talk by Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, creator of A.T.D.R.A. (Trans. in English, Dynamic Relational Therapy Approach, created in Water) for parents and educators, slated for February 2019.

In this post, we will talk about our support for Sari Hati School, a free special needs school for the poor in Bali from preschoolers to adults. It offers a holistic education that is centred upon the cultivation of individual well-being and communal relationships (to read more about the school, please go to my blog post:

Back in November 2016, A Mother's Wish helped to raise over $3,000 to contribute to the building of the new Sari Hati School.

In October 2018, the students moved in to continue their learning and activities at their beautiful new school! Congratulations to the Sari Hati team for their incredible effort to complete this awesome project!

A Mother's Wish is honoured to send $1,116.55 to Sari Hati School to contribute to the running of the school and support all its endeavours including its aim of become a self-sustaining entity by enlisting adults with special needs in making handmade products for sale.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind support for this worthy cause!

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