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A Mother's Wish Supports Free Special Needs School for the Poor in Bali

by Kah Ying Choo

Photo taken in December 2019...

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the temporary closure of Sari Hati School—a free special needs school for the poor in Bali, the work of the school has been continuing. As you will see in the email below, the teachers are still heading out to the individual households in the villages to offer homeschooling and food to the families. This is why A Mother's Wish has been striving to do its part to support Sari Hati School's mission every year.

Last year, with A Mother's Wish contribution of SGD1,500, along with your donations and supporters from all around the world, Sari Hati School was able to pay for the rental of the school site, which will last until 2028. Thank you very much!

This year, Sari Hati School will continue to need funding to help cover the maintenance of the school services and the sponsorship of the students. Thanks to your support, A Mother's Wish was able to contribute SGD1,893.43 (IDR20 million) to Sari Hati School. If you would like to help out our friends in Bali, here are the different channels for sending your contributions:

Bank name: BCA (Bank Central Asia) Account Name: Kasi Inspirasi Mandiri [Please note that this is the name of the foundation running Sari Hati School] Account Number: 1350506418 Swift Code: Cenaidja

Contact me at for assistance on how you can make the transfer

Thank you so much!

Kah Ying

Email from Sari Hati School:

Dearest Donors

Very best greeting from Sari Hati School KIM...

Unfortunately Banjar, Head of Village, and the Government do not allow us open school yet due to the situation. We patiently wait and keep hope and beliefs. All is well as long as our children are healthy and happy. We have discovered confidence through every experience. Gratitude occupies every corner of our heart.

Nonetheless, we are happy to inform you that our teachers put a lot of effort and love delivering professional home schooling for children. This helps to keep the children engaged at a time when they are missing their friends and activities enormously. Teachers also attended to English classes to improve their speaking skills.

Sari Hati School KIM continues to provide meals for the children and their families, many of whom would have no other source of nutrition food without this support. The School has a considerably positive effect on the lives of these young people and their families, and has an extremely positive impact on the community.

We feel blessed that we have paid the last rent payment on January 8th 2021(rent payment lasts until August 1st 2028). Thanks to you all, our generous magical donors, supporters, and friends. After these many years of warm participation and interest in our Foundation, One of our lovely and main donors (monthly donation IDR.16.000.000/ USD.1100) can not continue support for Sari Hati School KIM due to financial situation. We are very grateful for Her contributions, Her endless love and understanding. Thank you dearest Ibu Heidi for your trust in us, without your help this would not be possible. Your unconditional love gave us strength, courage, and belief that work which we do is meaningful. THANK YOU!

Time has changed and we need to look for another loving and supporting people who will help us cover our maintenance. Please spread your kind words around, everyone has a friend and friends have a friend.

Together we can make it. Together we can keep going and go further.

Donations and support can also come through scholarships for our Children (IDR.6.000.000 per year, covering their needs like dresses, sanitary, food, etc). Please have a look at link and you can get more information and profile of each child. (

Love and Joy from Bali

Warm regards,

Renata & Menti On Behalf of KIM Foundation


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