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Painting Series by Jean-Sebastien Choo, Self-taught Autistic Artist #12— Eternal Sunshine Mind

(12 x 9 in, water color and poster color, canvas panel, SGD140 + shipping)

To me, this explosion of fiery red colors to the point exemplifies the power of Sebastien's spirit in many ways. It is almost impossible to imagine how strong he has been to have survived his lonely years throughout his life and then the first 18 months of life in Bali when our setup was less than ideal. During that time period, both Sebastien and I were grieving badly from our constant separations; and it didn't help that we didn't have good carers who were up to the task of guiding Sebastien.

Nonetheless, Sebastien showed extraordinary resilience in sticking through these hard times. He preferred Bali's natural environment far more than the urban setting of Singapore, however tough the transition would be. I only wish that, as his mother, I had been more emotionally prepared to help him navigate through these heartbreaking times. This is why I am grateful and happy for his life in Bali today! He has fought hard for it. It is important to realize that ALL autistic individuals are exhibiting amazing strength and courage to survive in our mainstream world that is overwhelming for them with insufficient empathy for and understanding of their needs...

For those who are interested to support Sebastien's artistic pursuits:-

Digital versions of Sebastien’s art for Patreon sponsors and epubs with insights about his artistic life: (you can support his existence for as little as USD5/month!)

Thank you so much!


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