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Painting Series by Jean-Sebastien Choo, Self-taught Autistic Artist #14— Floating Sunshine

(16 x 8 in, water color and poster color, canvas panel, SGD140 + shipping)

It has been one year and three months since we have last visited Sebastien in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The hardest part is not knowing when we will get to resume these in-person visits. Although we see Sebastien's photos and have thrice-a-week video calls with him, it is really not the same. Nonetheless, we are gratified that Sebastien has been thriving with all his activities, thanks to Sebastien's amazing resilience and the guidance of his tireless carers.

This painting, entitled "Floating Sunshine", is about Sebastien's pieces of happiness in Bali. Do check out the photos featuring the diversity of the landscape of Bali:

For those who are interested to support Sebastien's artistic pursuits:-

Digital versions of Sebastien’s art for Patreon sponsors and epubs with insights about his artistic life: (you can support his existence for as little as USD5/month!)

Thank you so much!


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