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Week 14 of Serialization of Where Does My Autistic Son Belong?

In 2019, I published Where Does My Autistic Son Belong?. It chronicles my struggle with raising my adolescent autistic son, Sebastien, and my subsequent decision of setting a home for him in Bali. As part and parcel of A Mother’s Wish initiative ( to raise awareness about the need to treat autistic individuals with genuine respect and empathy, I am serializing the book on Medium (please see the links below for all the serialized chapters to date, including Chapter 14).




(May— June 2016)

One day, a rare opportunity came for Sebastien and A Mother’s Wish, which thrust my pursuit of the overseas solution to the back of my mind. A Mother’s Wish had been invited to showcase Sebastien’s paintings and our work, in tandem with a production about a family struggling with autism by Pangdemonium, a Singaporean theatre company. Written by Deanna Jent, the mother of an autistic child, Falling is a gripping and realistic portrayal of the stress borne by a family living with a largely non-verbal autistic teenager. As he was constantly teetering on the brink of a meltdown due to his sensory sensitivities, the family members, particularly the self-sacrificing mother who bore the brunt of his care and attacks, were perpetually on edge in their endeavour to avert the meltdowns.

To say that this play hit a little too close to home for me was an understatement...

To purchase the book, please use this link ( Thank you very much!



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