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Saturdays, October 14, 21, 28, November 4, 2023, 1400–1700 (Singapore time), Online

These workshops are unique in that they will be highly pragmatic and applied in dealing with real-life scenarios organised by theme in order to simulate more closely real-world experiences, rather than being theory-based.

These interactive workshops are direct spinoffs from A Mother’s Wish’s What is Autism Really’s 5-video series:

* What is Autism Really?

* What is Autism-Friendly Interaction Really?

* What is an Autism Meltdown Really?

* What is an Autism Meltdown during Adolescence Really?

* What is Autism Caregiving Really?

The aim of these videos is to plant the seed of change in your mindset and help you to realise how you can transform your relationship with autistic individuals by sculpting a lens of empathy, care, and joy to see them and the world with clarity.

With these workshops, we hope to enable these seeds to blossom into real-life changes that will further encourage and sustain you on this extraordinary journey of positive self-transformation. By focusing on your mindset and actions, you will see positive changes in the autistic individuals in your life. These highly interactive workshops will delve deeper into these new perspectives, as well as showcase the application of these strategies in real-life situations, and real-time demonstrations of how to implement these tips and strategies.

The sessions end with a 45-minute sharing segment to provide ample time to address individual challenges and discuss how the content covered in the workshop can be applied to real-life scenarios. Participants will leave the session with specific input that they can use in their lives to better support their autistic loved ones.


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