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"What is Autism Really?" Video Series Launch Event — June 3, 2023, Punggol Regional Library

About the Event

This special event is a launch of A Mother's Wish's five-part “What is Autism Really?” video series.

The aim of the video series is to transform the understanding of autism with a focus on (1) the inner lives of autistic individuals and (2) building relationships with them based on love and empathy, not control and compliance.

How to Register for this Free Event

Register for this event here:

Open ONLY to members of the National Library Board, Singapore. If you do not have a myLibrary username, you can create one here:


In 2016, Ms. Choo Kah Ying, made a momentous decision to forge a separate life for Sebastien, her autistic son (then 20 years old), away from her in Bali. What she didn’t know was that embarking on this road less travelled would unravel the mystery into why Sebastien was constantly erupting in aggressive and self-injurious meltdowns that made their life a living hell for five years in Singapore.

For Ms. Choo Kah Ying, who did the storyboard for the video series, its content is the culmination of her extraordinary journey of learning how to raise Sebastien and helping families in crisis over the past seven years.

Tentative Programme

Kah Ying’s personal sharing of her autism journey and inspiration for the videos

• Montage of the five videos:

o What is Autism Really?

o What is an Autism-Friendly Interaction Really?

o What is an Autism Meltdown Really?

o What is an Autism Meltdown during Adolescence Really?

o What is Autism Caregiving Really?

• Q&A session

• Remaining 30 minutes for these activities:

o Speaking to Kah Ying

o Signups for online workshops based on the videos

o Purchase of Kah Ying’s books and merchandise derived from Sebastien’s paintings at special prices (without website platform fees)

* Paintings (only through pre-orders)

About Choo Kah Ying

Formerly an academic research writer in Los Angeles, Kah Ying is a mother of an autistic young man, published author, a World Bank copy editor, English writing educator, and an autism advocate.

Inspired by her parenting journey of Sebastien — her now 25-year-old autistic son, she has published six books to date, including Where Does My Autistic Son Belong? Her blog also contains a treasure trove of insights that she has gained from her experiences with Sebastien.

Kah Ying also conducts talks and consultations on autism, special education, and parenting. Through A Mother’s Wish (, Kah Ying seeks to spread an accurate understanding on autism with a focus on understanding the inner lives of autistic individuals.


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