Fighting for

Families Struggling with Autism

A Mother's Wish seeks to support families struggling with autism by: 1) Empowering and supporting families struggling to raise their autistic children by building an empowering community of support so that they would not feel isolated; 2) Raising funds for programmes/communities/families in need based on specific projects; and 3) Working on projects to ensure the sustainability of A Mother's Wish, which harness the strengths of autistic individuals and the resourcefulness of their families. 


Outreach, support meet-ups, and activities for parents, families, and professionals to build community and alleviate isolation.

  • Reaching out to families on a regular basis to provide ongoing support,

  • Organising empowering support group meet-ups for parents — express their concerns and requests for help & tap into shared resources and knowledge, 

  • Inviting speakers sharing knowledge and insights, 

  • Creating mingling opportunities between parents and teachers, 

  • Offering fun interactive activities led by professionals or parents,

  • Organising training-cum-holiday retreats for families. 

Raise funds for communities/programmes/families in need in Singapore and abroad based on designated projects.

We also seek to raise funds for communities, programmes, and families in need, based on specific projects. This is part of A Mother's Wish's vision to empower and support families and help to overcome their sense of isolation and helplessness.  

Ensure the sustainability of A Mother's Wish and support Sebastien, my autistic son, to earn an income for his future, through his artistic talent, while helping others.

Most programs for youths and adults with intellectual disabilities are targeted towards those whose behaviour enables them to better function within mainstream contexts. However, such an approach excludes their counterparts like my son who have difficulties making these accommodations. With this e-commerce Website and other creative projects, we hope to enable my son and others like him to make a living.

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