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Supporting Autistic Individuals

With our Autism Advocacy Shop, Workshops and Blog, A Mother's Wish engages in autism advocacy by: 

  • Celebrating the talent of autistic individuals;

  • Overturning conventional approaches of "fixing" autistic individuals; 

  • Encourages focus on their well-being; and 

  • Promotes the need for parents, professionals and the public to improve our attitude and awareness.


My autistic son and I having an interaction that is focused on connecting with him, not conformity to social norms

Promote the well-being of autistic individuals

(non-verbal) by challenging conventional approaches of "fixing" autistic individuals according to mainstream norms and sharing alternative approaches.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-03 at 11.24.26.jpeg

Raise funds to support implementation of helpful and effective programmes and approaches

Sebastien, my autistic son, visiting his exhibition, held at Pangdemonium's production of an autism play, Falling

Celebrate the talent of Sebastien, my autistic son, in earning an income for his future, through his artistic talent, while helping others through sustaining A Mother's Wish 

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