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For Parents and Professionals (Autism and Special Needs) II

Understanding "Inappropriate Behaviour":
An In-Depth Exploration of Autism from the Inside*
(3 hours, SGD530)

Parents and professionals are often confounded by the behaviours of autistic individuals that do not conform to the norms. Such behaviours such as stimming, hand-flapping, hyperactivity, self-injury, and aggression can make daily life extremely challenging. 


Nonetheless, direct attempts to confront the behaviours and extinguish them by forcing autistic individuals to suppress these behaviours can be extremely damaging. They fail to take into account the inner picture of why autistic individuals engage in these behaviours, i.e., the function they serve for the autistic individuals.  


This workshop will offer an in-depth look into the developmental, relational and sensory profile of autistic individuals to provide participants with an accurate understanding of why autistic individuals behave this way. 

Only with this understanding will they be able to adopt effective approaches to deal with the "inappropriate behaviour" and form strong relationships with autistic individuals. 


The importance of adopting such an approach will also be highlighted in by explaining the pitfalls of adopting the straightforward approach of using pure behavioural management, which can lead to pubertal meltdowns.    


In this experiential workshop, participants will get to engage in empathy exercises to help them to “walk in the shoes” of autistic individuals and better relate to them. Ultimately, it is the hope that the workshop can provide instructional cautionary lessons on the importance of changing our current perceptions of autistic individuals and the way we interact with them from their childhood. We may thus be able to prevent or minimise their meltdowns during adolescence and adulthood.


* This workshop can be considered to be a companion workshop (Part 1) to the following workshop.

Relationship-Centred Interaction Strategies and Multi-Sensory Tools for Emotional and Behavioural Regulation  
(3 hours, SGD530)

Based upon the accurate understanding of the developmental, relational, and sensory profile of autistic individuals (in the workshop above), this workshop will present strategies on:-


  • Forming empathetic relationships with autistic students on a one-on-one basis through understanding and engagement;

  • Using visual tools for effective communication and setting of expectations;

  • Offering adequate academic support to minimise stress;

  • Introducing sensory tools for the entire class to create a conducive environment for learning; and    

  • Incorporating peer support.


During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to practise the skills and learn how to make the diverse tools that can be utilised in the classroom.


**This workshop can be considered to be a companion workshop (Part 2) to the workshop above.

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