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by Choo Kah Ying (14 pages, no additional preparation needed)


The theme of this Literacy Level 2 Ready-to-Use (RTU) Sentence Template, "He Likes to Go to...", revolves around a boy’s favo(u)rite (frequently requested) places. We now move beyond the learner (at Literacy Level 1) to talk about someone else. However, the context should still be familiar and meaningful to the learner who had completed Literacy Level 1.


With this worksheet template, learners will:


  • Learn to spell, read, and write the words of places.
  • Learn sentences that begin with “He likes to go to...” (through reading and writing) to refer to places.
  • Learn to respond to the following question: “Where does he like to go?” with “He likes to go to...” (through reading and writing).


Targeted Learner

Young learners (aged 5 and above) OR older learners with moderate to severe learning difficulties, who have a basic command of the alphabets.


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"HE LIKES TO GO TO..." Workbook for special needs learners

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