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by Choo Kah Ying (published by Marshall Cavendish, 2006, 192 pages)


A celebration of life, Raising Sebastien is a training manual with a heart. It aims to empower parents with the skills to cultivate and promote their autistic child's growth and development. With firsthand experience of raising an autistic child, author Choo Kah Ying understands the challenges involved. She encourages parents to view these children not as individuals with disabilities, but rather, unique individuals with strengths and special talents that parents should strive to cultivate and promote.


The book contains two sections:-


  • In the first section, Choo chronicles her observations on her journey in raising Sebastien, her son. These thoughts would later contribute to the development of Choo's training procedures.
  • In the second section, Choo provides practical strategies and approaches for raising and educating the autistic child. She teaches parents how to design a customised learning programme for their child, deal with their child's socially inappropriate behaviours in public, achieve objectivity by using alternative healing approaches, and negotiate with professionals and government agencies on the management of their child.


This book will challenge parents of autistic children to re-examine their beliefs and attitudes towards these children as they try to help them achieve their fullest potential.


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