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by Choo Kah Ying (24 pages, no additional preparation needed) 


The “mini-life stories” of these Story Templates revolve around groups of individuals engaged in doing fun things at the beach and on holidays. Supported by images, the contexts should still be sufficiently interesting and meaningful to the learner who had completed Literacy Levels 1, 2, and 3.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn new phrases and vocabulary.
  • Practise using parts of speech in basic sentences.
  • Learn how to pose and respond to: “What”, “Where”, “Who,” “How many” and “Yes/No” questions.


Targeted Learner

Young learners (aged 5 and above) OR older learners with moderate to severe learning difficulties, who have a basic command of phrases and sentences.


Check out the three other Literacy Level 4 Ready-To-Use (RTU) Story Templates: "Mary and Friends At the Beach 2", "Jim, Karen, and Sam on Holiday 1" and "Jim, Karen, and Sam on Holiday 2".

"TOM AND HIS MOTHER AT THE BEACH 1" Story workbook for special needs learners

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