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This beautiful house, made with ordinary wood (l = 19 cm, w = 19 cm, h = 17 cm), is made by Sebastien, a 23-year-old autistic young man, who has fallen in love with carpentry under the guidance of Bema, his carer, in Bali.


I had commissioned it for young students I was teaching, as a way of re-introducing them to a form of play that is not just limited to digital devices. 

It would make for an ideal Christmas gift, either for a child five years and above to play with, or for decoration purposes. You can purchase paint for your child to paint it, do one together, or do another one alongside. The door (5 cm in height x 4 cm in length) can be opened and closed to allow for small figurines to go in and out.

Toy House — Ordinary Wood

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