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by Choo Kah Ying (14 pages, no additional preparation needed) 


The themes of this Literacy Level 3 Ready-to-Use (RTU) Sentence Template — "Doing 1: What is He/She Doing" revolve around what various individuals are doing. Supported by images, the contexts should still be sufficiently interesting and meaningful to the learner who had completed Literacy Levels 1 and 2.


With these worksheet templates, learners will:

  • Learn new vocabulary, different pronouns, and verbs within the context of simple sentence structures.
  • Learn to respond to two types of interrelated questions, e.g.: 1) “What is she doing?”, which focuses on the action (verb); and 2) If the response is “She is reading”, the follow-up question will be  “What is she reading?”, which focuses on the item (“book”).


Targeted learner

Young learners (aged 5 and above) OR older learners with moderate to severe learning difficulties, who have a basic command of words and phrases.


Check out the two other Literacy Level 3 Ready-To-Use (RTU) Sentence Templates: "Doing 2: What are They Doing?" and "Doing 3 What is (are) He/She (They) Doing?".

"WHAT IS HE/SHE DOING?" Workbook for special needs learners

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