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An autographed copy of ‘Where Does My Autistic Son Belong?’ paperback (463pp)  


Where Does My Autistic Son Belong? depicts Ms Choo Kah Ying's extraordinary journey to find an answer for her family's future when Sebastien, her autistic son, became an aggressive and self-injurious teenager. Her unusual quest would lead to her heartbreaking decision to tear apart her family. However, taking a leap of faith would pave the way to Sebastien's transformation and offer hope for alternative possibilities. 


This book is a compelling sequel to Ms Choo's earlier works, Raising Sebastien: Realising the Potential of Your Autistic Child and Five Little White Pills: A Journey From Manic-Depression to Recovery. In her latest work, she offers a no-holds-barred account of the unbreakable bond of love between mother and son, which can prevail against impossible odds. 


All profits raised will go towards A Mother's Wish's causes (90%) and Sebastien Choo, my autistic son, for his uncertain future (10%).

Where Does My Autistic Son Belong

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