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A Mother's Wish Community Meetup #2

To help families with autistic loved ones, A Mother’s Wish seeks to address two areas simultaneously by: Advocating for the inner well-being of autistic individuals with the focus on caregiver-autistic loved ones' relationships; and Exploring resources that can provide opportunities for the development of our autistic loved ones and the well-being of families. We cordially invite interested families with autistic loved ones and professionals to join us and register at our second A Mother’s Wish Community Meeting on Saturday, February 22nd, 7:30– 9:30 p.m.: Our second meeting will comprise the following two segments: A sharing by Jerome Poudevigne, a primary carer-by-choice of an autistic yo

My Autistic Son's Artistic Experience with a Kindred Soul

Back in June, I had written about my experience of the Art Brut exhibition in Bangkok featuring artworks by disadvantaged individuals, prisoners, and those with mental illnesses. Their raw, spontaneous and stunning creativity reminded me of the creative works of Sebastien, my 23-year-old autistic son. Apart from his colourings and water colour paintings, Sebastien’s creative tendency is also manifested in the uneven and accented strokes in his handwriting and drawings. His practice of scotch-taping one layer of his completed colourings over another has certainly turned his bedroom wall in Singapore into an improvised art display. Until the exhibition when I witnessed the transformation of su

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