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The Bali “Solution” for Sebastien, My Autistic Son: A 3-Year Reckoning

Recently, when a mum struggling with her autistic son sought my advice about an overseas option because of my experience of moving Sebastien, my now 23-year-old autistic son, to Bali, I found myself taking stock of the reality that it had been more than three years since this life transition. But what threw me off balance was the emergence of the overpowering feelings of guilt and remorse reminiscent of those early days. Until then, an overall sense of gladness had come to permeate my being since things had begun to work out for us after 18 months of inner and outer turmoil. Certainly, I had thought that penning a 463-page book, Where Does My Autistic Son Belong (also available on Amazon Kin

Baking Workshop for Families with Autistic Teens and Youths at Crunchy Teeth

We had the pleasure of welcoming mothers with their autistic teens/youths at the baking workshop hosted and run by Crunchy Teeth — a social enterprise that trains autistic youths in the craft of baking. Our mission of the day was to offer families with autistic loved ones a loving, safe and non-judgmental space to make banana muffins and blueberry muffins, while bonding together. Special thanks goes out to our loving and and organised trainer, Mildred, who prepared the ingredients the day before and ensured that the baking activity rolled on without a hitch. All the participants got to go home with two boxes of muffins and two bags of cookies (as extra credit!). Big thanks to Crunchy Teeth f

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