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What is Autism... Really? Introducing A.T.D.R.A. by Dr. Antonio Rinaldi

With the support of the National Library Board who provided us with a free venue at Geylang East Library, A Mother's Wish was proud to organise a free in-person talk featuring Dr. Antonio Rinaldi sharing about A.T.D.R.A. (Dynamic Relationship Therapeutic Approach Created in Water). This animated presentation involved: - Role Plays to cultivate the empathy of the audience by relating the autistics' experience of anxiety in their daily life to anxiety-provoking situations that we might all encounter: Autistic People are not as different from us as we may think. - Use of Videos to: 1) highlight erroneous thinking in the way that we misperceive the "inappropriateness" of autistic individuals' be


Dr. Antonio and I are deeply grateful to have the opportunity to attend the APAC2019 conference with delegates from 33 countries. Singapore did an outstanding job in the organization of the event, particularly in involving individuals with special needs and autism. It was a deeply illuminating and emotional experience for us to be exposed to the vast reservoir of research, knowledge, and experience of researchers, parents, professionals and adult autistics. So special thanks to our anonymous sponsor for giving us this opportunity to share our work and learn. We wanted to offer our genuine concerns regarding some of the perspectives we derived from the programs we attended at the conference.

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