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Dr. Antonio's "Saving Autistic Lives" Mission Comes to Singapore

Thanks to a generous sponsor, a family foundation that wishes to remain anonymous, A Mother's Wish, has invited Dr. Antonio Rinaldi to come to Singapore to provide free workshops and subsidised private consultations (from June 23 to July 19). OUR MISSION FOR SINGAPORE Spread the awareness about Dr. Rinaldi's approach, ATDRA (translated from Italian as “Dynamic Relational Therapeutic Approach created in Water). Challenge behavioural- and performance-oriented approaches that are focused on imposing our norms on autistic individuals at the expense of their well-being. Build a network of ATDRA therapists that can continue to support families on their therapeutic path with ongoing systematic supe

Dr. Antonio Rinaldi's "Saving Autistic Lives" February 16 Talk

On February 16th, A Mother's Wish devoted half of our funds raised through the sales on the Website to organise a subsidised Skype talk by Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, a clinical psychologist based in Italy, who specialises in autism. In this talk on Dr Antonio's approach, ATDRA (translated from Italian as “Dynamic Relational Therapeutic Approach created in Water"), attendees had the opportunity to: Acquire an accurate understanding of the unique functioning of autistic individuals from the inside and why their behaviour are highly logical responses to a world that does not understand them. Recognise the key role played by parents and professionals, specifically the awareness of their own well-being

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