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Dr. Antonio's "Saving Autistic Lives" Mission Comes to Singapore

Thanks to a generous sponsor, a family foundation that wishes to remain anonymous, A Mother's Wish, has invited Dr. Antonio Rinaldi to come to Singapore to provide free workshops and subsidised private consultations (from June 23 to July 19).


  1. Spread the awareness about Dr. Rinaldi's approach, ATDRA (translated from Italian as “Dynamic Relational Therapeutic Approach created in Water).

  2. Challenge behavioural- and performance-oriented approaches that are focused on imposing our norms on autistic individuals at the expense of their well-being.

  3. Build a network of ATDRA therapists that can continue to support families on their therapeutic path with ongoing systematic supervision from Dr. Antonio.


Subsidised Swimming Pool Therapy and Private Consultations

First session: Swimming Pool Therapy (50 min) + Consultation (1 hour 10 min) = SGD240

The accompanying consultation provides an explanation of ATDRA in action, as it applies to the autistic individual. Parents will also have the opportunity to pose additional questions about other issues.

Subsequent sessions: Swimming Pool Therapy (50 min) + Post-Session Discussion (10 min) = SGD120

Private Consultation for families (60 min onwards): SGD120/hour, pro-rated to actual time spent.

This session is meant for parents to learn how they can apply ATDRA in their daily lives with their children.

Classroom Consultations on behalf of families or schools (60 min onwards): SGD120/hour, pro-rated to actual time spent

If you are interested, Dr. Rinaldi is also available to conduct consultations at schools to address specific classroom situations at a subsidised rate of SGD120/hour.

Free Swimming Therapy and Private Consultations

We will be offering one free private consultation and swimming pool therapy session (2 hours) combination for 1 disadvantaged family for every 8 paying families.

Please contact Choo Kah Ying at or

+65 81634509 via WhatsApp for more information.

50% advance payment should be made to reserve slots. No refunds will be issued upon cancellation.


3 Free Workshops tentatively scheduled for:

1. Saturday, June 29 (9 am-12 noon, 12:00-12:30 -- assessment for potential ATDRA therapists): This workshop is for parents, teachers, and potential ATDRA therapists.

Short-listed potential ADTRA therapists will receive additional theoretical and practical training during the weekday evenings from June 30 to July 5. Practical training will continue in the subsequent weeks until Dr. Antonio's departure with the institution of an ATDRA network.

To get more information and sign up:

Please attend Workshop 1 if you intend to attend EITHER Workshop 2 or 3.

2. Saturday, July 13 (9-11 am): This workshop is for parents ONLY.

To get more information and sign up:

3. Saturday, July 13 (2-hour workshop, morning: 1-3 pm): This workshop is for teachers ONLY.

To get more information and sign up:


It is Dr. Antonio's hope to generate a wave of awareness that will transform how we interact with autistic individuals so that we can be a positive guiding force for them in their challenging lives. When parents and professionals are filled with love and joy, they will see amazing change in the autistic individuals!

Autistic individuals do not need to be "fixed". They are waiting for us to genuinely reach out to them in the true spirit of empathetic understanding and guidance.

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