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My Autistic Son's Painting "Children"

Just spent the morning doing one of my oft-neglected responsibilities as Sebastien's long-distance mum: caring for the paintings he has made. This time, I am going one step further: I am planning to sort through the paintings, pick out the better ones, and put the rest away in storage. One of these overdue tasks that could never get on a to-do list in one's life.

This is no mean feat, as Sebastien painted every day from the age of 13 until age 20. While he was primarily engaged in the process, as painting was his sanctuary, helping him to regulate his emotions and cope with living in our world, we are left with a final product, Sebastien's "child," very often too beautiful to discard.

Yep, I call them Sebastien's "children." Dealing with Sebastien's art, when I get around to it, is my opportunity to commune with Sebastien — that extraordinary side of him that speaks in colors.


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