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Mindful Movement for Connection Between Autistic Individual and Parent/Caregiver

A Mother's Wish is privileged to organise this activity in collaboration with Ming Li from exhale. Limited to just 4 pairs of autistic individual-parent/caregiver combinations (please buy one ticket for yourself and one ticket for your child), this activity offers an afternoon of mindful movement, connection and fun! Each parent & child pairing gets the opportunity to connect through different physical moves & actions, as well as support each other, in breathing & relaxation techniques. With the use of stories, games and music, get curious about each other’s worlds and be open to what you may discover! As part of her endeavour to give back to society, Ming Li is offering this activity to

A Respectful Visit… to the Home of Sebastien, My Autistic Son

This is the second part of our evolving story of the budding relationship between Sebastien, my autistic son, and David Trevelyan, a passionate and talented digital artist and sculptor who has lived in Bali for the past three decades. David and Rani (his wife), as well as Jerome (my husband) and I, are all on the same page about taking the time to cultivate this relationship with as much empathy and sensitivity as needed. For me, it offers a living example of an empathetic way of relating to autistic individuals, which can help to unleash their full potential to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. In my mission for A Mother’s Wish, it is my sincerest desire to put forth an alternative pers

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