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Mindful Movement for Connection Between Autistic Individual and Parent/Caregiver

A Mother's Wish is privileged to organise this activity in collaboration with Ming Li from exhale. Limited to just 4 pairs of autistic individual-parent/caregiver combinations (please buy one ticket for yourself and one ticket for your child), this activity offers an afternoon of mindful movement, connection and fun! Each parent & child pairing gets the opportunity to connect through different physical moves & actions, as well as support each other, in breathing & relaxation techniques. With the use of stories, games and music, get curious about each other’s worlds and be open to what you may discover! As part of her endeavour to give back to society, Ming Li is offering this activity to the special needs community at subsidised rates. If there is sustained interest, we hope to be able to run these classes on a regular basis.

Date : 15 March 2020, Sunday Time : 4.30-5.30pm Location : exhale , 230A River Valley Road S238288 Group size: Limited to 4 pairs

Ticket price: SGD21/participant (parent-child combo: SGD42)

“She loves to come to the classes every week, she looks forward to them. She comes home and shares with us what she has learnt” ~ mother of special needs child


Ming Li has a relatively long history with the special needs community in Singapore, starting with weekly volunteering sessions at MINDS since university days. After over a decade of corporate experience, she has pursued her deep interest in somatic & emotional release work and co-founded “exhale” in order to provide a safe and grounding environment for people to rest and reset. Over the years, she has continued to carve out time to facilitate Mindful Movement programs for Very Special Arts, specialised centres like Kidspace Learning Centre, and also providing massage therapy for kids in palliative care in collaboration with the Rare Disorders Society.

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