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Baking Workshop for Families with Autistic Teens and Youths at Crunchy Teeth

We had the pleasure of welcoming mothers with their autistic teens/youths at the baking workshop hosted and run by Crunchy Teeth — a social enterprise that trains autistic youths in the craft of baking.

Our mission of the day was to offer families with autistic loved ones a loving, safe and non-judgmental space to make banana muffins and blueberry muffins, while bonding together.

Special thanks goes out to our loving and and organised trainer, Mildred, who prepared the ingredients the day before and ensured that the baking activity rolled on without a hitch. All the participants got to go home with two boxes of muffins and two bags of cookies (as extra credit!).

Big thanks to Crunchy Teeth for hosting the event: The cosy space of Crunchy Teeth and the small number of participants actually offered an intimate feeling that allowed all of us to mingle with one another. Nonetheless, the kitchen was well-equipped: we had everything we needed at all times to complete the tasks!

Finally, I want to thank the families for showing up and taking part in this activity with Mildred and me. The participants — autistic teens and youths, mummies, and helpers like me — had an enjoyable time interacting with ingredients and one another! It was such an honour and privilege for us to be able to spend time with these awesome autistic kids. A truly uplifting and humbling experience!

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