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A Mother's Wish Holiday Programme — Stephanie Tahiri's Play2See Programme

It is with tremendous gratitude that we have concluded our mini-A Mother's Wish holiday programme 2017. I am so thankful to everyone — Stephanie T. Singapore (our service provider), Nurul (her assistant), volunteers, carers, and participants. True to our intent of paying close attention to our participants, instead of being driven to complete the activity, we engaged in a lot of improvisation. It was not a conventional Play2See programme, but it was, nonetheless, a beautiful one. Thanks to Stephanie having a wide variety of materials revolving around colours -- markers, checkers, playdoh, cards with colours, the participants all found something that caught their fancy and enabled us to connect with them.

I also really want to thank the volunteers who rose to the occasion. They did their very best to engage with the participants, running alongside their energetic participants, and even lying on the ground. Our focus on the participants truly made it a wonderful learning experience for us and we hope that it has been more meaningful for them than our previous runs of A Mother's Wish's holiday programmes.

And finally, once again, I would like to thank Gracia Chua, owner of Wings to Wings, for hosting our programmes at subsidised rates.

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