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Thank you for supporting A Mother's Wish's special causes!

Thanks to all your support, we are delighted to announce that from November 30th, 2018 to October 19th, 2019, A Mother's Wish (AMW) raised SGD6,538.86 from:

  • Sales of Sebastien's paintings and scarves, my first 3 books, and stationery cards & my contributions of 50% of all paid talks and workshops to AMW: SGD2698.86

  • Funds raised from the sales of my latest book, Where Does My Autistic Son Belong? (crowdfunding and events): SGD3,840

With the total sum of SGD6538.86, A Mother's Wish will be dividing this sum equally for 3 different causes:

  • Disbursement of funds to Sari Hati School, a fee special needs school for the poor in Bali (SGD2,179.62)

  • A Mother's Wish events and activities to support families with autistic loved ones in Singapore, ranging from public awareness, support groups, talks and workshops, and parent-child activities [(SGD875.32 -- Remaining Funds) + SGD2,179.62 = SGD3055.14)

  • Sustainability initiatives — A Mother's Wish is constantly looking out for ways to invest in projects that can help to generate additional funds to ensure our sustainability and ability to support worthy causes in the short term and long term: (SGD2179.62)

The campaign for my latest book, of which 50% of the revenue (SGD15), went towards A Mother's WIsh, could have been one sustainability initiative, had we not be able to raise enough funds to publish the book through our crowdfunding campaign.

Thus, I would like this opportunity to thank Moe, my awesome former intern, who is now pursuing medical studies in Ireland, for setting up the crowdfunding campaign and her ardent support for A Mother's Wish's initiatives in 2019 during her internship with A Mother's Wish. Thank you, Moe!

As the Christmas season rolls around, stay tuned for the latest offerings from A Mother's Wish and Sebastien!

Thank you very much!!!

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