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Excerpts from "Where Does My Autistic Son Belong?" (463pp)

It has been six months since I finally wrapped up Where Does My Autistic Son Belong? that I had lived for possibly the most heartbreaking seven years of my life. An online version is now available on Amazon Kindle at With a weight of 650g, the overseas mailing costs are quite prohibitive.

To promote this book, I am offering free excerpts and a couple of audio readings of vivid passages (please see below).

Re-reading these excerpts offers a harrowing reminder of a time when I would often stare into the darkness of the night and wondered where in the world Sebastien could live, a place in which he would not hurt himself or others.

With this book, it is my intent to give members of the public an inside glimpse into the challenging world of the autism universe. Yes, we are not bad parents; we are really trying. Please empathise, not judge.

To helping professionals, I hope that you would move beyond the conventional "fix-it" mentality and to embrace our children and support parents in realising their children's unique potential.

To parents, your special children may stretch your unconditional acceptance to the ultimate limits. Please let go of your adherence to mainstream norms so that you can truly "see" them with new eyes and genuinely love them with open hearts. Your autistic children are waiting for you.


These excerpts are divided into three sections based on the different turning points in the book:

The Honeymoon Homeschooling Years (please click on each image to read the pages)

Audio Reading of Prologue:

Sebastien's Entry into Puberty (please click on each image to read the pages)

Leap of Faith into the Unknown (please click on each image to read the pages)

Audio Reading of First Night of New Life in Bali:

If you have read the pages up to this point, that wasn't a happy ending. There are many more twists and turns in our real-life saga... ; it was more of a cliff-hanger. I hope that you will consider this book to be of value for you to purchase for yourself or others. Net proceeds of the sales will go towards A Mother's Wish's causes.

Furthermore, I would be available to give a FREE talk in exchange for the opportunities to sell my books and a sampling of Sebastien's works and merchandise.

Thank you so much for all your support!!!

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