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Monthly Digital Coffee Table Book by Autistic Artist

When David Trevelyan, an established artist in Bali had shown interest in the art of Sebastien, my autistic son, he would turn out to be Sebastien’s kindred soul by imparting his wisdom about why Sebastien’s art is so special. For it is a mirror of his sense of well-being.

These days, as Sebastien’s art is undergoing fascinating phases of transformation, I am grateful to be an awed witness of this spectacular window to his soul. While Sebastien may not be articulating his inner life with words, he sure is using a magnificent language.

This is why I would also like to thank Sebastien's two Tier 3 Patreons, whose support has enabled me to showcase the Sebastien’s latest artworks regularly. For their monthly donation of USD15,* I create a slim digital coffee table book featuring Sebastien’s latest paintings for every month, which captures Sebastien's development through the evolution of his art and glimpses of his life.

Screen capture of the cover page of the latest digital coffee book

* The Tier 3 reward is also accompanied by: 2) an online card with inspirational message, and 3) an online poster, by choosing from a selection of four different paintings from Sebastien's lifetime repertoire.


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