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Sebastien, my autistic son, is on Patreon!

I have just signed Sebastien, my autistic son, on Patreon, in the hope that his artistic life can be supported and celebrated. You can support him at as little as USD5/month!

Here is his "introduction":

My name is Seb. I am an untaught, self-guided artist, who "speaks" through paintings. It is my mother who is writing this text on my behalf. It is only in recent years that she has learnt that I paint for my survival, that art is a form of therapy for me.
People often ask my mum what my art represents. If I could speak, I would just say that it represents the essence of me. Many people try to know me by talking to me and get frustrated when I don't respond. But you can get to know me by becoming a sponsor of my artist existence, for I produce 3 paintings a week. Thank you in advance for your support!


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