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Please Help Support Sari Hati School (a Free Special Needs School for the Poor in Bali)!

A Mother's Wish recently received the following email from Sari Hati School — a free special needs school for the poor (see Email below). Unfortunately, due to COVID, Sebastien, my autistic son, hasn't been able to attend school for many months now. Nonetheless, I truly believe in the long-term mission of Sari Hati School and would like to do our part to ensure that they can keep this beautiful space that they have so lovingly constructed (please see the video of the school below).

We have contributed SGD1,500 to this cause through A Mother's Wish. We hope you would be able to help our friends in Bali as well!

Here is the email address to contribute directly to their PayPal account:, or contact me at +65 8163-4509 (Kah Ying).

Thank you so much!

Kah Ying

DEAR FRIENDS of Sari Hati School KIM

We hope you are well and managing as best you can in these difficult times.

The world is currently an interesting place and there are a lot of challenges for all of us. Many of you have helped Sari Hati School in the past, and your help and support in so many different ways have been what has enabled us to make the school what it is today.

We now have beautiful school buildings with several classrooms, a large central activity area, a fully equipped kitchen and a dining area, as well as spaces for withdrawal and small group work, a sensory room, a quiet room and an office. All of these are set in a quiet, peaceful area with beautiful gardens for outdoor activities. We have a small shop at the front to show case the art and craft work our children do. This space is ours and is not shared with other organisations.

Our students were thriving in this amazing environment emotionally and socially, and steadily developing their work and daily living skills. Although schools have been closed in Bali since April, we have continued to employ our wonderful staff, to provide home schooling and support for our students and their families, and to maintain and care for our school environment.

Since we first rented this building in 2018, our staff have worked tirelessly to refurbish and decorate what was a run-down building and turn it into a beautiful place for our students to learn and meet with their friends. We could only achieve this with your support. In 2018 we rented the building for ten years. We had to pay two payments – one immediately and the second one this year. We were able to delay this payment due to Covid-19.

We have paid half of the second amount on 8th July 2020, and we are now required to pay the other half as soon as possible. This payment is 300,000,000.00IDR. We have saved 180,000,000.00IDR, but still have a shortfall of 120,000,000.00IDR ($11,500AUD, $8,200USD, £6,300GBP, €7,000EUR). When this last payment is made, we will have the property until 2028.

Under normal circumstances, we would be able to fund raise in Bali to help get the rest of money, however as you are all probably aware, Bali is closed to tourists. The individuals and businesses here which have previously supported us are struggling to survive and support their staff. We understand that all over the world people are struggling financially, but when you could help Sari Hati School in some small way to raise the remaining rent,will ensure we can keep this beautiful environment for our  beloved children. They depends of us, they need our love and support. Please let's do together the best for them.

Thank you for your understanding , support,  and compassion.


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