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Introducing "Personally Speaking: The Art of Caregiving" — A Visual Exhibition

As the mother of Sebastien, my autistic son, and part of A Mother's Wish endeavour to promote the awareness of the caregiving challenges faced by families with special needs loved ones, I am proud to be one of the many contributors to the following exhibition.

With Carolyn, who guided and assisted me in creating my exhibit

Please check out the details below:-

Exploring stories of caregiving for people with special needs, mental illness, and the elderly

Featuring works by Alecia Neo, ampulets, Deanna Ng, Gwee Li Sui, Joseph Chiang, Kray Chen, Mary Bernadette Lee and Sun Koh

8 Oct to 14 Oct / Community Plaza, Oasis Terraces (10 am to 9 pm, Mon–Sun) 15 Oct to 18 Nov / Jurong Regional Library, Level 2 (10 am to 9 pm, Mon–Sun, Close on Nov 6) 22 Nov to 16 Dec / Chapel Gallery, Objectifs (12–7 pm, Tue –Sat; 12–4 pm, Sun; Closed on Monday) Admission is FREE

Panel Discussion: The Art of Caregiving Saturday 1 Dec 2018, 3pm to 5pm Auditorium, National Design Centre Information about the talk and registration details will be available soon.

Personally Speaking is a visual arts project that explores the stories of caregiving for people with special needs, mental illness, and the elderly. Eight Singapore artists have been inspired by the personal joys and challenges of caregivers, shared with them by people of all walks of life, including parents, children, teachers, social workers and healthcare professionals.

While each account is unique, they collectively reflect the anxieties and difficulties faced by many caregivers. Many of them harbour simple hopes and dreams of a better life for their wards. Through this exhibition, we hope to create a space that allows everyone to reflect on their own caregiving journey, and consider the kind of care that we would like our loved ones and ourselves to receive.

For more information, please go to:

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