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Personally Speaking: The Art of Caregiving

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to check out the "Personally Speaking: The Art of Caregiving" exhibition, organised by Objectifs and sponsored by the Lien Foundation. This exhibition acknowledges the oft-forgotten people of our society — the elderly, those with mental illnesses and special needs, AND their carers.

As one of the participants in the project as a mother of Sebastien, my autistic son, I could not have imagined how the challenges and richness of our collective caregiving experience could be so powerfully harnessed and transformed by these diverse media.

I would especially like to acknowledge Deanna Ng, the photographer who took our photographs, and Carolyn who helped many of us with our artistic renderings. By empathising with our unique experiences with our autistic children, they were able to capture the essence of our marathon journey of love and our hope that one day, when we are gone, the community will step up to embrace our children in their midst.

Perhaps, the first step lies in what Joseph Chiang's inspiring lino print advocates:"Change Your Mindset: Say Yes to Inclusion"!

For more information about this exhibition, please go to:

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