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Feb 16: Subsidised Talk on Autism

This is our final call for A Mother's Wish's subsidised Skype talk on autism in Singapore by Dr. Antonio Rinaldi on February 16, 7 p.m.

For parents who have been confounded by their autistic children's behaviour or transformation, or want to forge an authentic long-term relationship with your autistic child, this is a talk that will transform what you think you know about autism and your autistic child. Instead of seeing them as individuals suffering from a condition that enshrouds them in self-imposed isolation, you will get to see these children as amazing and profound human beings who are seeking to connect with you.

Thus, A Mother’s Wish is proud to embark on "Saving Autistic Lives" Mission with Dr. Antonio Rinaldi, a clinical psychologist based in Italy. Dr. Rinaldi's in-depth knowledge of what autism truly is, the specific characteristics of autistic functioning, and strategies for interacting with autistic individuals to form long-term relationships has helped many families in Italy and me in establishing renewed relationships with our autistic children.

Thanks to our subsidy, this 3-hour talk is just SGD11.60/person. At this point, we have 32 attendees and we we hope to benefit as many as 50 people. If you are interested, please sign up now so that we can make our final arrangements for the venue such as the rental of the correct number of chairs:

Thank you!

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