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Moving Sebastien to Bali: One-Year Retrospective

Life-Changing Decision Towards the end of August, Jerome and I decided to move Sebastien, my 20-year-old son, from Singapore to Bali. Over the past six years, we had had to struggle with Sebastien’s increasingly explosive meltdowns, characterised by high anxiety and extreme need to control everything and everyone around him. In making our heart-breaking decision, it was our hope that Sebastien would begin a transition towards a life that was independent of us and live in a nature-oriented environment more suited to his sensory needs. Fraught with Obstacles However, our initial attempt to set up Sebastien’s life in Bali was paved with obstacles. Within the first three days, the homes we had h

A Mother’s Wish’s Subsidised Activity for carers of individuals with autism — Exploring Identity in

Last night (Nov 26th), A Mother’s Wish had the opportunity to organise and subsidise a unique “me-time” experience for carers (parents and siblings) of individuals with autism through Michael Cheng’s "Exploring Identity in the Journey of Caregiving”. Modelled upon his work with adults in Personal Stories for a Sea of Change (please check it out), Michael uses elements like games and movements to get us to set aside our adult inhibitions and get in touch with our inner child and authentic self. It was a liberating platform for us carers who are often weighed down by our concerns to come together to “share” our experience in a fun, but still structured fashion, thanks to Michael’s firm and sen

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