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Paintings by Jean-Sebastien Choo, Self-taught Autistic Artist — My Essence

My Essence (14 x 11 in, water color and poster color, canvas panel, SGD180 + shipping)

People often ask me what Sebastien, my autistic son, is trying to "say" with his art — "Does he describe it to you?" They get a little disappointed when I shake my head.

But this notion stems from the fact of our tendency to think about art as representation.

But for Sebastien, an unguided and self-taught artist, who expresses emotions with his entire being, the painting embodies his entire being. Each piece of art captures his very essence — everything he is thinking and feeling at that very moment in time.

So as you look at this painting, try to imagine what it is showing about him..

To see more artwork and support his future, go to


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