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Week 5 of Serialization: Where Does My Autistic Son Belong?: Chapters 1 – Chapter 5

"I wished I could have said that my renunciation of physical force against Sebastien was a turning point in our story.

Well, that didn’t happen. If anything, now that I no longer “fought” back, things were back to Square 0."

In 2019, I published Where Does My Autistic Son Belong? that chronicles my journey of setting up a new life for Sebastien, my autistic son, after struggling with his aggression that erupted during his puberty and raged unabated for more than five years. This book has been very much part and parcel of A Mother’s Wish initiative ( to educate parents, educators, and the public about how we can interact with autistic individuals out of genuine empathy and respect.

In the hope that as many people as possible will read it and learn from my parenting mistakes, I will be serializing this book on Medium on a weekly basis (click the links above).

Please feel free to spread this message to others who may find this of value. Thank you very much. 🙏

And if you do want to purchase the book, please use this link:

Funds are still being raised for A Mother’s Wish that supports programs and families of autistic individuals and Sebastien’s future.

To get updated parenting insights about parenting an autistic teen, please join us for this task (January 21, 2021). Register here:

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