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Painting Series by Jean-Sebastien Choo, Self-taught Autistic Artist #8— A Hero’s Way

(14 x 11 in, water color and poster color, canvas panel, SGD180 + shipping)

What this painting conjures up for me is the the path of the solitary journey of the “kung-fu warrior”. In many ways, our autistic kids share many things in common with this warrior. For they are amazingly strong and tough to live in a world where they feel alone because of the lack of understanding and empathy about them.

Although they are strong and strive to hold it together, such a life does take an increasing toll on them. This is why they have occasional meltdowns that can worsen over time. Fundamentally, they are human like the rest of us. So we need to reflect on how we can better support them by meeting them halfway, instead of expecting them to conform to our norms 100% of the way, 100% of the time. This is what it means to love them unconditionally.

Thank you so much!

For those who are interested to support Sebastien's artistic pursuits:-

Digital versions of Sebastien’s art for Patreon sponsors: (you can support his existence for as little as USD5/month!)


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