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Week 12 of Serialization: Where Does My Autistic Son Belong?

In 2019, I published Where Does My Autistic Son Belong?. It chronicles my struggle with raising my adolescent autistic son, Sebastien, and my subsequent decision of setting a home for him in Bali. As part and parcel of A Mother’s Wish initiative ( to raise awareness about the need to treat autistic individuals with genuine respect and empathy, I am serializing the book on Medium (please see the links below for all the serialized chapters to date, including Chapter 12):




(January – February 2016)

On the outside, we were back to Square 1. It was intensely frustrating to have the plan to fall through after investing in so much effort and undergoing so much mental and emotional duress. It was especially difficult to break the news to Sebastien. He had been dragged on a foolhardy mission that yielded no positive outcomes. Moreover, he had no say whatsoever in a matter that affected him more than anyone else.

Thus, it was little wonder that we experienced a residual fallout from the Bongabon solution. Despite appearing largely relaxed during his time abroad, Sebastien exploded just two days after our return, when he detected a slight crack on the toilet seat. Even though Jerome had removed the toilet seat to fix it in another room, he wasn’t efficient enough for Sebastien. While Jerome was working on the toilet seat, Sebastien proceeded to bang his head with his fists multiple times and slam the bathroom door repeatedly... It certainly hit home how high the stakes were in our pursuit of the overseas solution...

To purchase the book, please use this link ( Thank you very much!




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